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WELCOME TO CALICO SPORTS.  Get our daily winning picks for only $50 per month.  Want a guarantee? Get the guaranteed package for $100 per month and if you do not profit from the daily picks, we issue a refund for the month!

What makes this service different?  

I personally bet on all games picked.

I do not offer separate packages for each sport.  Why?  Because I do the research and bet the right games.  If I were forced to make a pick on a certain sport, it may not be a good one. I normally only make plays on the following sports:

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • MLB

I personally use the following sports books:

I want to make YOU money.  Check the guarantee package out.  



Send a referral to us for a monthly package and receive $10 for the first month and $5 for each month they renew.  The number of referrals is unlimited.   



  • Establish your bankroll.  I recommend you have a $1,000 starting bankroll.  An absolute minimum of $500.  The bankroll is the amount of money you have set aside for betting.
  • Don't touch the bankroll for any reason UNTIL you are happy with the monthly profits and you want to start making regular withdrawals for your income.  Other than that....DON'T TOUCH THE BANKROLL!
  • Make your unit size 1% of your bankroll.  Do not bet more than 2-3 units on a single bet.
  • Make an average of 1 bet per day consistently.
  • Track your bets and keep up with your profits each month.
  • Reset your unit size every month to the same 1% level.  If your bankroll goes up or down, adjust the unit size and stick with it the entire month.
  • Shop different sports books for the best lines and the best odds..
  • Use as many different books as you can.
  • DO NOT chase losses!  Trust me on this one.  If you lose the game one day, do NOT add more bets that evening. You will lose.  And do not double your bet size the next day.  You will lose.  Don't do it!
  • DO NOT SHARE THE PICKS!  These picks cost little enough so make your friends and family pay for them just like you did. Plus we do not want to cause the line to shift away from us!



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